Emergency Reporting Now Integrates with Rhodium Incident Management Software 

If you’re using the old whiteboard for Incident Command, and you’d like to investigate replacing that with a more robust, current digital solution that can be shared among your entire emergency response community, please request a demo and we’d be happy to help. 

With the Emergency Reporting to Rhodium interface, agencies can seamlessly import occupancy plans into Rhodium pre-plan templates. Make your occupancy plan data actionable by:

  • Automate your ICS forms workflow internally or externally with any agency.
  • Adding operational checklists based on location or incident type.
  • Adding reference files, SOPs, images, and more.
  • Incorporating Computer Aided Dispatch triggers to automatically launch plans based on CAD input.
  • Develop detailed pre-plan map layers to predefine staging locations, evacuation areas, hydrants, landing zones, and more.
  • Rapidly access your plans and perform collaborative incident command and control from almost any computer, laptop, or tablet device.

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