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  PSTrax is the industry-leading system for operations checks, and the only "full-service" solution in the marketplace


Emergency Reporting (ER), a leader in cloud-based Fire and EMS records management, is pleased to announce its partnership with PSTrax, the industry-leading system for paperless operations checks and inventory management.

Traditionally, first response agencies have managed checks and inventory on paper, spreadsheets or disparate systems.  PSTrax integrates all these checks and inventories – Vehicles, SCBA, PPE, Critical Assets, Stations and Narcotics – into an easy-to-use system that is proven (since 2009) and highly adopted by crews. 

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PSTrax recognizes each department is as unique as the communities they serve, and most  departments don’t have time to take on another project.  PSTrax provides a “full service” solution and manages the entire implementation for you.  The PSTrax team takes your apparatus, equipment and inventory checks and builds a turnkey system that is custom-configured for your department’s requirements.  PSTrax also recognizes how fast things change for first response agencies, so their team acts as your “administrative assistant” and makes ongoing changes to the system when needed.


With the integration between PSTrax and ER, first response agencies are able to automate the completion of their operations checks and sync the creation and management of maintenance tickets.  As crews complete their operations checks in PSTrax, they can create “alerts” that will automatically sync with the ER Maintenance module and create a maintenance record for that apparatus.  As updates are made to the maintenance record in PSTrax, those updates automatically sync back into the ER Maintenance module as well.


Request a quote or more information from PSTrax:

Request a quote or more information from PSTrax:

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