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Emergency Reporting Offers PSTrax for Upgraded Rig Checks & Operations Checks!


Emergency Reporting (ER) now offers PSTrax, the leading operations checks and logistics management solution for Fire & EMS agencies, to bring you upgraded rig checks, equipment checks and complete asset management.

With this exciting new offering, ER clients can automatically schedule, perform and document all of their checks – Vehicle, SCBA, PPE, Critical Asset, Station and Controlled Substance – in an easy-to-use system that is entirely customized for your department, and built for you!

With PSTrax, you can rest easy knowing checks are being completed and a full history is being documented for every task.  This helps ensure a safer work environment, makes crews more efficient and provides all the necessary documentation needed for compliance, audits and litigation.

Agencies using ER Rig Checks that desire a more comprehensive system can upgrade to PSTrax for a best-in-class operations checks solution that is user-friendly and fully customized for your agency.

So, what makes PSTrax unique and better than other “truck check” solutions?

     Specialized system for Operations checks and Logistics Management

     Completely customized for your agency based on your checklists and inventories

     Choose your modules – Vehicle, SCBA, PPE, Asset, Station and Controlled Substance

     Full-service solution includes implementation and unlimited ongoing support

     Includes unlimited checks, schedules, equipment and inventories within each module

     Real-time alerts to communicate issues to the right people

     Easy-to-use and accessible with any device

     Integration with Emergency Reporting 

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