Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Agency's Data?

Get Critical Insight Into Your Fire and EMS Data With BI Basic

Emergency Reporting's Analytics Module now includes BI Basic (Business Intelligence) analytics. The data visualizations in our BI Basic tool will enable your agency to leverage current as well as historical data to drill down into data variances, evaluate trends, and make data-driven decisions.

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We Have 5 BI Basic Reports:

  1. Incidents 
    • Incident Counts - # of Incidents by Month, Shift, Category, Top Stations by # of Incidents, Incident Series Matrix
    • Days & Times - # of Incidents Over Time, and by Hour, Shift, Weekday & Incident Category, Top Stations by # of Incidents
    • COVID-19 Survey Info - Incident Matrix, Heatmap, Results, Trends
    • Percentile Report - % of Incidents Meeting Goals by Month, % of Incidents by Station, Shift, Zone
  2. EMS
    • Procedures - % of Procedures by Hour, Weekday, % Successful, Procedure Group Matrix
    • Medications - % of Administrations by Hour, Weekday, % Successful, Procedure Group Matrix
  3. Occupancies & Inspections
    • Occupancies - Occupancies by Type, Last Inspected, Location, FPS Category
    • Inspections - # of Inspections YOY, and by Type, Result, Inspector Matrix
  4. Training & Certifications
    • Classes - Student Matrix, Student Hours by Month, Training Code Hours by Category
    • Certifications - Certification Matrix, Upcoming Expirations, Certifications Granted
  5. Maintenance
    • Operational Status Over Relative Time Frames - Station Roll up, Apparatus Roll up and Drill Though, Equipment Roll up and Drill Through


Check Out the COVID-19 Tracking Report

As COVID-19 remains top of mind for first responders around the world, Emergency Reporting (ER) has been focused on creating resources to support you and your department during this historic time. To make your job a bit easier, we created a BI dashboard specifically for tracking COVID-19 data. The BI Basic COVID-19 Special Study Tracking Report is designed to give ER users visual insight into their data being collected for the FEMA COVID-19 Survey. The data and trends dynamically shift as the user changes the parameters of the Report.

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ER's BI Basic 90th Percentile Report and CFAI Accreditation

CFAI accreditation is a process of agency self-assessment. The Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) provides each agency with the accreditation model, various accreditation publications and trainings, and access to experienced peer assessors. Your agency, however, is responsible for doing the work. Working towards, achieving, and maintaining accreditation will:

  • Raise the profile of your agency within your community
  • Emphasize your agency’s dedication to excellence to your stakeholders
  • Establish an agency-wide culture of continuous improvement
  • Assist with communicating your leadership’s philosophies
  • Build positive relationships with your labor groups
  • Offer independent verification and validation of your agency’s operations
  • Provide tangible data and information for your elected officials
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Hidden Gems: ER Reports That Rock

The ER system has some extremely powerful (but maybe not as well known) reports that can help you tell your department’s story in meaningful ways to decision makers. We’ve enlisted help from our boots on the ground, the Training and Sales teams, to share the reports they love. We think you’ll find them valuable too.

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