Take Your Community Risk Reduction To the Next Level

First Due Community Connect

Engage Residents

Residents create online household Life Safety Profiles from any device in Minutes:
  • Occupants & Contact Info
  • Access & Functional Needs
  • Utility Shut Offs & Special Directions
  • Pets & Livestock
  • Basements, Pools, Solar and more
  • Wildfire Home Risk Assessment
  • COVID-19 Health Status

Community Connect helping residents and first responders in Reno, NV

Engage Businesses

Enable your commercial buildings, schools, universities and other target hazards to maintain their own occupancy data and emergency plans as well as collaborate with your agency before, during, and after an incident.
  • Emergency Plans
  • Contact Information
  • Fire Systems
  • Hazardous Material
  • Access and Utilities
  • Critical Building Information
  • Vulnerable Staff/Employees/Residents 

Community Connect for property owners and managers in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Automate Workflows

Take your paper-based and manual process and completely automate them by allowing residents and businesses to apply, be notified and pay for services directly through the Community Connect Portal.
  • Burn Permitting
  • Smoke Detector Installs
  • Knox Box
  • AEDs
  • And More


Respond with Community Connect Information During an Emergency & Use Data for Analysis During a Major Event
  • Instant visual dashboard at the time of dispatch
  • Routing to the scene
  • Notifications
  • Statusing
  • Integration to ArcGIS for analysis

NextGen Pre-Incident Planning

  • Pre-Incident Plans on Every Address From Day One - Including Residential
  • Emergency Reporting data more accessible in the field during a response in a format your crew can consume in seconds
  • View Life Safety Information as part of residential & commercial pre-incident plans
  • Easy to use mobile Pre-Incident Plan data collection and mapping completely integrated with ER so your line crew can be actively involved with data collection
  • CAD and ER integrated Mobile Response App so you can receive your calls, confirm you’re responding, route to an incident and access Occupancy data on iOS and Android.

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