Get Your Department Right with ER Rig Checks


Attend this webinar to learn all the ins and outs of ER's Rig Checks Module. You'll learn all about all of these features and more:

  • Search for apparatus by name, station ID, vehicle number
  • Filter apparatus by name, in-service/out of service, incomplete checks, and rigs assigned to your station
  • Create and edit custom checklists in draft form, preview, and publish
  • Order compartments up and down the list while creating checklists
  • Edit checklists and active rig checks auto saved
  • Add pictures of compartments
  • Start and end time, and person completing rig check recorded
  • View apparatus check history and view completed Rig checks
  • Powerful checklist creator
  • Create, perform, and submit a Rig check from multiple device types and browsers including smart phones.
  • New report to query rig check data

Rig Check Screenshot

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