ER Partner Spotlight: Battalion3

At Batt3, we focus on providing usable solutions for today’s emergency services. We were founded by working members of the fire service who recognize the need for technologies to be simple to use, yet powerful tools to handle complex problems. Our advantage is our development team focuses on first hand knowledge and experience as incident commanders and leaders in the fire service.  Our products maintain an intuitive design and work reliably in rugged environments.


ICx: Incident Command

Our flagship incident command, control, and accountability program. A digital tactical worksheet that is actually easier than writing.

Our web-based staffing and scheduling solution. Built in tools to work with your department’s policy and procedures. No more calling down phone lists for staffing.



Rehab isn’t just for rock stars anymore! NFPA 1584 compliant solution to track and record firefighter rehab during emergencies and training.


Please join us on May 27th for a free demonstrative webinar to see how Batt3 can benefit your team.

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