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ER Partner Spotlight: Aladtec


Aladtec is the premier employee scheduling and workforce management software for mission-critical agencies such as EMS, fire service, law enforcement, and dispatch. The platform simplifies staff scheduling and puts current schedules with time and attendance tools onto any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.


Designed for the unique 24/7 shift rotations, Aladtec can:

  • Save you hours on staff scheduling - from simple to complex
  • Allow employees to submit trades, time-offs, and sign-ups
  • Quickly generate reports for tracking and payroll needs
  • Eliminate paper and simplify record-keeping with online forms
  • Track licenses and certifications, including expiration dates
  • Seamlessly integrate with Emergency Reporting


Please join us on October 20th for a free demonstrative webinar to see how Aladtec can benefit your team.


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